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Eldritch Horror: First Impressions

This week we decided to play one of the most interesting co-op titles on the storytelling side of tabletop games: Eldritch Horror.

This Lovecraftian co-op game can be played from 1 to 8 players and promises 'an epic, world-spanning adventure with each and every game'

Since we're familiar with the theme ,as we're passionate readers of fantasy, horror and sci-fi, we really wanted to try this thematic experience, set in the Lovecraftian universe.

Taking a first glance at the components made us notice that they’re pretty amazing, we truly like how the board and game elements transmits this mysterious and adventurous vibe, a thing that have been perceived by all of us.

The board shows a world map painted as an antique find, with the main cities and places that players can visit with their investigators of choice; This in order to solve mysteries, gain clues, defeat the monstruous minions of Chtulu and work together in order to defeat an Ancient One; this before the 'doom tracker' reaches zero, awakening him and causing terrible events

Despite the intimidating amount of tokens and cards ( twelve unique investigators, two hundred-fifty tokens, and over three hundred cards), the games mechanics are actually simple and can be easily understood on a very well made manual and glossary. The game is explained in Short and effective paragraphs that hardly required a second read.

As faced for other adventure games featuring a big number of cards, the setup took very long, 25 minutes is the average time required to set up the table, also according to other player’s rewiews we have found.

Let’s return on the art-side of the game: we like to analyze and take a lot of care about this aspect, and Eldritch Horror never fails to satisfy our expectations by giving us beautiful illustrations for each type of component.

It is so very difficult to choose a character, since all of them are very convincing and well designed, starting from the artwork that immediately transmits the peculiarity of each of them, already transporting you in another time and place; very inspiring since this is the level of engagement that we want to give to our players too.

The storytelling nature of the game is clear and very present from the beginning of the session, since each card contains a small paragraph. It is not always necessary to read them, but we preferred to be dragged in the story we were developing, by drawing cards and consequentially creating a chain of events.

As in our game 'Dreamyquest', in order to solve, defeat or obtain a card a test with dices must be performed.

A fascinating aspect of the game is the backside of some cards telling you a extra short story: a story that reveals the consequences of the test performed for that card, and things that you could gain or lose accordingly to it (Adding a lot of surprise and mystery to the game).

To make an example, a 'Blessed Condition' card gained during the game could give you a 'vision of faraway places' or 'a gift from the Ancient Goddess Bastet', similar in theme but very far in content at the same time.

The only thing that didn't totally convinced us is the fact that sometimes events, can either combine well or make no sense. This is clearly given by the epic amount of cards that will not easily repeat but give unexpected results, and not always in a good way.

Besides the ‘random’ and 'uneven' events problem, the overall experience in the game is great, it really feels like being captured by the storytelling, the kind of gameplay that never lets you want to stop.

On this side, our team definitely wants to give this enjoyable and believable atmosphere to our digital game 'Dreamyquest' too, this is probably why we like this game so much, since the first hour of play.

Talking about the practical aspect of wanting to start a boardgame like this, or wanting to experience a game with a medium to long storytelling (as in a book), you have to plan when to dedicate your time to it, also because of the setup time required.

That's why, with our digital RPG Dreamyquest, we want to give you adventures with the same kind of intensity, but that are ready to be played on your pc, phone or tablet and shared in a fun multiplayer game session.

We definitely want to give the same amount of excitement, adventuruos quests and mystery as in Eldritch Horror and let our players enjoy the same immersive experience as in narrative boardagames of this quality; this without struggling about the time at your disposability; we want to feature an autosave in the game: stop to play it and restart whenever you want, wherever you are, with your freinds and family.

Our final thoughts are that, beside its demanding nature, our vote is very positive due to its overall quality and we can't wait to try other Lovecraftian titles, so we can also compare them to Eldritch Horror!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!