Betrayal at House on the Hill

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Betrayal at House on the Hill

Our latest gaming experience brought us to Betrayal at house on the hill, played with the expansion 'Widows Walk '.

It was definitely an enjoyable and easy to play game, the main rules are very clear and at the start of the session we've been captured by the 'surprise effect' of the exploration and the fun flavor text on the event cards.

I am a fan of horror books and movies and ‘Betrayal at house on the hill’ stories definitely has the flavor and traits of late 80's and 90's products, starting from the characters depicted in the character sheet, which are clearly cliché of the genre.

Taking a first glance at the components made us notice that they’re pretty amazing, we truly like how the board and game elements transmits this mysterious and adventurous vibe, a thing that have been perceived by all of us.

We were also positely impressed by the lovely and well illustrated room tiles.

The initial part of the session went really fast and developed easily, ‘till the omen revealed itself and the traitors , letting us read the two different manuals: the difficulty relies on the fact that the hero and the traitors can’t communicate, and a player that is ‘new’ to Beatryal and doesn’t know how the scenario should work, may misunderstand the rules and make the experience work uncorreclty.

But beside this aspect and the time spent to try to clearly understand the manual, the scenario was actually really fun to play.

We’re willing to play it again and try other stories since we’re very intrigued by this game!