About Us

'Dreamers, with a thing for creative stuff', that's how we define our team!

After 10+ years of freelance work in the videogames indistry we decided to team up to make a creature of our own. A game based on what we love the most: fantasy worlds and having fun playing games.

We're now dedicating ourselves full-time on this project and that's why we have choosen Patreon to reach other dreamers and let them help us and join this adventure! It'll be fun to share our work-in-progress, unseen sketches, ideas and must important: listen to your feedback and develop the game alltogheter with you!

About the Game

Are you passioned about games, comics and fantasy worlds? Dreamyquest put all those things together!

With dreamyquest you'll be able to live a rich and adventurous story with your friends in a fantasy world.

Imagine the experience of a living comic book, with a lot of characters, funny monsters and unforgettable moments that you can enjoy just by using your smartphone tablet or PC!

You can fully enjoy a boardgame-like adventure while talking, laughing and having fun with your friends/party, without the need to study rulebooks or having a phisical copy of the game; just open-up DreamyQuest page on your your smarthphones, tablets or PCs and the adventure is ready to start!

Why Patreon?

Patreon gives us the chance to interact with you in the best possible way.

Thanks to Patreon we'll be able to talk with you and make Dreamy Quest better and funnier for our fans, we truly care as we can't evolve without your suggestions.

By joining our 5$ tier you'll become part of a closed Facebook group were you can discuss with us and other fans and ask whatever you want! (Even how we technically develop the game!

As indipendent developers, the support of our fans couldn't be more important to deliver our product as soon as possible.